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 Danceman Copywriting – Freelance Copywriting

Creating Copy that Invites Your Prospects to Dance to the Rhythm of Your Income, Business & Lifestyle Opportunities

I teach  ballroom dance. I write and create unique sales copy. My two worlds integrate extremely well. Dancing, copywriting and selling, a three pronged approach that simply works. My copy is designed for the Income, Business & Lifestyle Opportunity markets. You are certain you want your prospective partners to start dancing with you, aren’t you? Using your rhythm, and your music? In your opportunity? When they do, you want to keep your new partners dancing with you for a lifetime. Let DanceMan lead the way and create your front end copy…your back end copy. Copy that has a magnetic attractiveness that your prospects cannot resist. Let the dancer in me stir their emotions. Build your prospects desire to buy, from you. My copy can showcase the features and benefits of your opportunity. The salesman in me creates calls to action… leading to greater profits for your income, business or lifestyle opportunity. Enough said don’t you think…

Copywriting Superstars Desperately Needed

DanceMan knows the needs of Income, Business & Lifestyle Opportunity Marketers.

  • Create a value proposition for attracting new prospects
  • Convert the prospect into a customer
  • Create the copy for your newest offer.
  • Improve your ongoing offer.
  • Develop a re-purposing concept & plan for your market activities.

Danceman Observes. Danceman Listens. Danceman Analyzes. Danceman Proposes.

Danceman has the courage to take on the most demanding copy.

Run his copywriting skills against your control… with split testing …winner takes all.funnel _03

Danceman can be the maverick copywriting leader you need. Let’s make your opportunity become the biggest dance in town. Your partners will want to continue dancing because your dance is simply the best dance. Danceman is a leader. Excellent leaders become that way by learning from other leaders. Techniques come and go but the principles of copywriting remain constant. Danceman stays current with what’s working and what’s not working. That’s why he can lead. That’s why he will become your superstar.

Come Dance with Dance Man



About JCPaul

JC Paul has a background as Dancer & Dance Instructor, Lyricist, Teacher, Landscaper, Desktop publisher, Spreadsheet Designer, Registered Representative, Accident & Life Insurance Agent, and Naval Veteran. JC co-owns DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio with his wife Anna Maria. They have been in the dance industry since 1987. They have organized fund raising events and public dance events. JC has 36 plus years of selling products and intangible services. Lastly JC established Danceman Copywriting in 2015.
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