Ancient Secrets of Success (part 3) 5 Tips to Reach Out & Evangelize Your Business

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The Third Ancient Secret Revealed

If you’re having a challenge growing your list, gaining new prospects or reducing your customer turnover then discover and implement the 3rd ancient secret of success. It’s called reach out and evangelize.

You’ll see and remember the secret when you look at your own hand.

Look at your middle finger.

Isn’t it the longest finger on your hand?

It is and it has the greatest reach.

Some might even say it is your evangelistic finger. To clarify that, evangelism is nothing more than outreach. 

Therefore when you look at your hand consider it as a reminder to reach out and evangelize. Do it often.

Building your list begins with reaching out. Gaining new prospects comes by reaching out after seeing their raised hand. Reducing your customer turn over is dependent on you reaching out and following up. The 5 tips to reach out and evangelize your business can help you succeed.

Implement your 5 tips of outreach correctly and you gain more success. In other words, you gain a bigger list, reach more qualified prospects and have less customer turn over. Have a more profitable business.

Do it wrong and you experience a lesson in how not to do it. That will cost you dearly. Why? Because you likely even lose customers you already have.

Reaching Out & Evangelization is the third ancient secret.

Now you know the third ancient secret which is reach out & evangelize your business. Consider the following questions.

  • How effective is your reach out towards your specific market?
  • To your base of prospects? To your current customers or clients?
  • What systems do you have in place to build and maintain your list of prospects?
  • Are there actions you take when you reach out to keep your product or service in the forefront of your current customer’s minds?
  • What are you offering your clients in order to keep them in an active relationship with your business year after year?

In other words, how well do you reach out and evangelize your product or service?

Here are 5 tips you can use to reach out, evangelize, and improve your business

  1. Create and memorize your “elevator speech.” Reach out to people and share it often. Your next big customer might come from a conversation that took place somewhere else because of your elevator speech but unknown to you.
  2. Be gracious in your conversations and communications. As challenging as some customers are, be gracious because honey always attracts more bees than vinegar. This is key in reaching out and evangelizing.
  3. Be a good listener. Fresh ideas are hidden in your customers minds. Reach out to your existing customers. They will tell you what they want most. Let your conversations be structured towards uncovering those wants. That is reaching out.
  4. Give real value in all your marketing efforts. True value is not how good your product or service is but it’s what will it do for your customers. Always be aware of the problem you are helping them to solve. Tell or show them its working.
  5. Let your customers know how highly you appreciate them. Do it often. The more often the better. For instance, a hand written thank you is remembered significantly longer than any email.

In conclusion, when you put these 5 tips to reach out and evangelize your business into practice the rewards add up beyond measure. How do I know? It’s kept my other business successful for over 35 years.

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JC Paul has a background as Dancer & Dance Instructor, Lyricist, Teacher, Landscaper, Desktop publisher, Spreadsheet Designer, Registered Representative, Accident & Life Insurance Agent, and Naval Veteran. JC co-owns DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio with his wife Anna Maria. They have been in the dance industry since 1987. They have organized fund raising events and public dance events. JC has 36 plus years of selling products and intangible services. Lastly JC established Danceman Copywriting in 2015.
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