5 Ancient Secrets of Success (part 2)

 part 2 of 5

Do you possess these 5 ancient personality secrets?

Secrets so powerful they guarantee your success

To whatsoever you set your heart’s desire upon.

For whatsoever you set your hand to do.

The personality secrets that will ensure your success.

If you have them there is nothing that will be impossible to you.

Not today, not tomorrow and nor for the rest of your life. 

Sound incredible? Only believe and read on reader…


On my last post we talked about you first secret.The power of your thumb. It establishes your authority.

Apostles = Your thumb = Establishing authority. In a niche. Birthing your business.

 Here’s the second ancient personality secret you should understand…

The power of the prophet.

Prophets are highly visible. They bring awareness to the market.

Prophets can achieve celebrity status – quickly sometimes by speaking just once in a highly visible place

The personality of the prophet is your second ancient success secret.

And it is evident in the power of your forefinger.

Prophets = Your fore finger = Finding the problem. Pointing it out. Offering solutions.

So What

So what does that have to do with your life as a writer? Or any other lifestyle?

Think for a moment, what purpose does your forefinger serve you…

What are its features: very plain – only an appendage with three joints that bend in one direction…

Oh,  so boring…nothing to get excited about…or is there?

Let’s look at the benefits…see what’s in it for you…

  • It touches – it feels pleasure or pain
  • It helps hold a pen or pencil – so you can write
  • It helps you text – type – dial a number – click a mouse
  • It can point to others – bend it and it points to yourself
  • It helps you get a firm grip on things
  • It opens doors of opportunities – ever ring a doorbell?

How many more can you think of…?

So how does that connect to the power of the prophet personality?

Let’s find out…

Understand this secret unique power.

What do direct response copywriters do?

We create awareness of the problems and invite people to solve their problems through the power of the written word.


And What do prophets do? They speak…

Prophets are sent to point out problems in life. Issues that people are facing…or not facing up to…

Prophets make issues known to the world sometimes even when the world doesn’t know they have an issue.

They tell people to listen up or suffer the consequences and proclaim a way towards a solution.

Can you see a relationship in what is written here?

If not, let me explain…

The fact is that the world is ever changing and can be chaotic so how do we make sense of it all.

Who is the person who can point the way?

You are if you

Become the direct response copywriter who develops the personality trait of the prophet.

Develop your ability to clearly see and state the issues. The issues that keep people up at night.

When you can do that you’re using the personality of a prophet.

The prophet gained his or her insight by studying, knowing and understanding human nature and history.

When you persuasively describe the WIFM benefits that resonate with your prospect you are acting as the prophet.

Where doe the prophet come from and where does he speak

The prophet is sent by a higher power (your client) to speak to the masses (your prospects)  saying turn around. Go here. This is the way.

The prophet’s mission in life is to show people how to turn around. How to walk a better path in life.

The prophet points the way – your forefinger (hitting the keys on your keyboard or holding your pen) pointing the way to the solution.

A surer path, an abundance filled path, lined with value, ideas and solutions that transform lives.

Likewise you should through your written words…

Shout loudly like a true prophet. Make the issue heard above all the noise…

That’s the prophet in you. Shouting to your market. Saying that you see the problem and identify with them…

How many times did you magnify the problem before you offered the solution? Shout the solution louder.

Then you begin to point the way to the solution…your specifically designed solution for their specific problem.


Speak and talk like a true prophet…have a conversation

The prophet has a simple message even the least educated can clearly understand.

Plain words – the prophet’s and direct response copywriter’s tools of the trade.

How many times have you had to come up with WIFM benefits for that solution?

Did you explain it in simple language that even a 6th grader could understand?

Every Prophet has a Warning

Here’s mine…

Be sure your benefits are worthy and  true.

Not just partly true.

Someone’s life may hang in the balance.

There is no room for deception in a prophet’s life.

Nor is there room in the writers life to deceive with words

Now go and exercise your prophet personality.

Transform someone’s life for the better.

Secret # 3 -the “most important”  A.P.E.P.T. secret is coming on my next post. Look for it.

Until next time…

JC Paul/Danceman Copywriting

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