5 Ancient Success Secrets = A.P.E.P.T.

[part 1 of 5]

Do you possess these 5 ancient success secrets?

Secrets powerful enough to guarantee your success.

Five ancient secrets that will ensure your success.

To obtain whatsoever you set your heart’s desire upon. To achieve whatever you set your hand to do.

However there is one condition… you must put them into practice.


When you have them, there is nothing that will be impossible to you.

Not today, nor tomorrow or for the rest of your life.

Hard to believe?

Read on reader…

So what are these secrets? It’s possible that you already possess them.

Everybody does but few are aware of their significance. But because you’re reading this post you’ll be fully informed as to how these 5 secrets can help you. You see, you are a unique person and that means you have something to good to share with others. So, what will that mean … for you?

It means that you are destined for success… in your niche… within your unique area of expertise.

Isn’t that what you want… hope for… desire?

The Problem with Secrets

Many “gurus’ in today’s digital world proclaim they have one. A secret for launching a product or service. A secret to paving a path to success. A secret way to get more in life. A secret way of getting leads. A secret way of converting prospects. A secret way of writing more persuasively. Secrets to getting better direct response. Secrets of scalability. Secrets of the “masters.”

Secrets that just aren’t available to everyone except at a price.

But what if I told you the source of their secrets are totally free?   People just like you discovered the secrets because they searched diligently. They had a burning desire to know them.

Deep secrets seemingly hidden in the recesses of history. Just waiting to be discovered. Re-discovered.

The fact is these secrets have been in plain sight. Very near to every one of us. For centuries.

Available to everyone who truly searches for them.

Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, and Harvey Firestone found them. As did Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Caples and David Ogilvy. And many more men and women too numerous to name…
Average people, who through conversation, observation and searching for truths, created the way we do business today.

It’s the way you can begin to do business today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Discover Today’s First Secret

You can discover the secrets too. Today.

Right now. Right where you are sitting. As you are reading this. And it won’t cost you a penny.

Here’s how…

Do a simple thing and…

Gain greater understanding.

Move yourself forward  towards your success.

Do it and you’ll grow quickly.

Grow into the fullness of your potential and ability. 

Feel and experience success in every area of your life.

Your Physical, Your Relational, Your Emotional, Your Spiritual and Your Financial Success.

Just do this…

Extend your right arm in front of you. Now look at the back your hand. Spread your hand wide.

It reveals all 5 secrets to your success.

Do you see its secrets? From right to left.

The secrets are A. P. E. P. T.

It’s likely you don’t understand yet…

Allow me to explain…
Your hand is your key to success. Its very structure is designed to lead you to that for which your heart has a burning desire. See it as Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie and Harvey Firestone did. As Claude Hopkins, John Caples and David Ogilvy did. Names from the past. Men who saw and understood the value of ideas and action. Action taken with their own hands. They learned their craft, studied the market, saw the needs, thought as customers, created solutions, and found great success. They shared their wisdom.

Like Clayton did, and Bob does and continues to do.

As Drayton, and Dan do. They consistently apply these principles. They achieve ultimate successes.

Yes, I’m dropping some names and all these names have achieved success.

You can too. Achieve success.

As I said earlier, you already possess the secrets. I know because you are still reading this.

They’re the secrets of A.P.E.P.T. as revealed in the 5 digits on your hand.


It’s all in your hand.

The A.P.E.P.T. concept is over 2000 years old and yet it is relevant today. Relevant for you. My reader.

Today you’ll begin to discover all 5 secrets.

Beginning with this post and then the ones to follow I’ll explain each one and its significance to you.

So let’s begin with a bird’s eye view.

  • Apostles = Your thumb = Establishing authority. In a niche. Birthing your business.
  • Prophets = Your fore finger = Your creative juices get to play…discover why in part 2
  • Evangelists = Your middle finger = The most important finger for any business … find out why in part 3
  •  Pastors = Your ring finger = more details coming in part 4
  • Teachers = Your pinkie finger = you’ll see the whole picture by the end of part 5

Now you’re in the know. These are the secrets that have been around for over 2000 years.

Funny how they’ve been hidden in plain sight isn’t it?

Look at the back of your right hand again… really look at it. What do you see?

What advantage is there to having a hand?

What features does it possess?

What hidden benefits does it hold in store for you?

Your hand is like a unique toolbox that holds all the secrets of building your vision of success. An ever-present reminder that you can do. The ability to create.
Your hand which by touch or lack of touch makes or breaks relationships. Important relationships in today’s highly technical marketing.

Don’t your fingers do the talking… on your keyboard…creating a digital handshake? Making offers? And so much more.

EACH HAND IS UNIQUE. Even more unique than your niche.

The fact is that you should treasure your hands because you only get one pair.

Now look at your thumb again. Here’s what you need to know.

The Thumb has Apostolic Authority with Benefits

Apostles established authority WHERE NO AUTHORITY EXISTED.  THEY CREATED WHAT NEEDED TO BE …they went against the popular thought of the day… they went into the mainstream of society and established something unique, something new and different. A solution for the times. Something with greater potential benefits. They created an “maverick way” way of thinking and living. They implemented the “Secrets of Closing the Sale.” They put an “iron fence” around their “herds”, their “tribes” … what about your tribe…think about it…the apostles were like “renegade millionaires” needing little but having all. The had a” magnetic marketing attraction” message…a message that resonates even today.

Now you know your thumb represents your Authority. For your niche. Your Specificity. Remember your thumb.

A = Apostles = Thumb

Test your authority. Try this and prove your own thumb’s authority to yourself.

Try holding a pen without using your thumb. Now try to write. The next time you get in your car try to turn your ignition key. Without using your thumb. Try to pick up a bottle of beer…a goblet of wine…if you can…Did you feel the proof of its authority with your own hand…Now you see the value of your thumb. It establishes your authority to handle things. Like ideas. Ideas that give birth to more ideas.

Your birthing of a business for something good. Your business that solves an issue and specific problem. Solving issues that keep some people up at night. Your business as you see it. As specific as your own creativity and ability permits. Something uniquely yours. It is your beginning.

Your Thumb = Your Authority.

Your authority in your niche is your beginning. Your vision.

Are you exercising the authority of your thumb? In your niche? What are you waiting for. Go use your thumb.

Seek and acquire wisdom. And understanding. Use this secret. That of an apostle. In your niche…Use it now.

Be thankful and be blessed when you do.

Until next time…

JC Paul/Danceman Copywriting
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