Mind Muscle – 7 Steps for Building It Right

Unravelling the mystery of your mind muscle…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tap into the creative side of your brain at will?

To see the big picture for your next blockbuster package?

To see the end from the beginning?

To know that your copy is going to pull the response both you and your client long for?

How can you be absolutely sure that your copy will be powerful and compelling?

Compelling enough to elicit the emotional buying triggers of your prospects?

You can be sure if you have exercised your “right mind muscle.”


Ted Nicholas wrote a great Golden Thread article called Right Brain Copy Secrets in June of 2010.

(I found it strange that only one person commented on it.)

Ted said:

“Killer copy is all about the right brain. Once activated and combined with a big central idea, this is the real secret behind great copy.”


The “right mind muscle” is the right side of our brain

To write killer copy it’s essential to know where it originates and how we can access it.

  • Our left mind muscle is our logical reasoning side.


    •  It’s rational and objective.
    • It’s verbal and analytical
    • It thinks and reasons in words.


  • Our right mind muscle is the intuitive and creative side


  • It is the seat of our emotions
  • It’s visual and sensual
  • It thinks and feels in pictures
  • Our right brain (right mind muscle) can see a whole picture at once – a key to originating new, creative insights. It is your personal source of “killer copy.”


Here’s the first of 7 steps to build your right mind muscle.


  1. The Power Approach

The power approach makes full use of the right mind muscle.

The power approach is understanding in your own mind the emotional responses you want your prospects to act on. They defy reason yet are justified emotionally and accepted intellectually.


      • Ask yourself three questions…
      • ‘What is the winning concept behind this project?”
      • What is the biggest emotional benefit I can imagine for this product or service?
      • What emotion does it stir in me? Why?

Your own answer may be surprising and very likely just what you were looking for to create your blockbuster package.

Step away from, that is relax the left mind muscle reasoning which is always able to see the benefits and features. You’ll use those features and benefits in your copy but not yet. Our left mind muscle takes a fact and then through logic builds upon that fact. We can term that vertical layered thinking. What you will need is the horizontal layered thinking to emerge…

When you step away from, relax the left mind muscle intentionally it unlocks the opportunity for the right mind muscle to go to work. Allow your right mind muscle, the seat of your emotions to reveal to you the golden thread which is the emotional action and the solution. It will reveal the “Power of One.” It will reveal the OSS you will need to implement.


Review the April 6th, and April 13th, 2015 posts of The Golden Thread by Clayton Makepeace at www.awaionline.com. He describes it as being part of the dominant emotions we need to understand and suggests 8 ways for us to spot them both internally and externally. Wow! Clayton doesn’t pull any punches when he writes does he? Hits you right where you need to be hit…

The right mind muscle speaks loudly when you aren’t busy thinking about your copy.

It’s silent, it’s powerful! Exercise it often.

P.S. Check back for part 2 … “Mind Muscle – 7 Steps for Building It Right” …coming soon…

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