Winning One – Just One

Words Written for One Leads to Opportunity Worth Millions

“We cannot go after thousands of men until we learn how to win one.” – Claude Hopkins

One…how do we learn to win just one?

We go to men who by countless experience know the plan of how to win just one. We study them…ask for relationship with them…to dissect their works…comprehend their principles and adopt them as our own.

Through relationship we find a way to offer something of value in return. Asking directly, how may I enrich your life today… with no other intent but to listen, learn and grow in knowledge. To mainly listen…

We do not copy them (our friends) to exactness but rather inject our own Unique Special Personality into the words we have a burning desire to write.

Then with the spark of knowledge we acquire from our friend we apply it and find we have won just one.

Our writer’s journey is then just beginning:

Our friend and mentor, our seasoned guide feels that feeling that every teacher of knowledge feels when the student gets it. That feeling of exhilaration of having passed on knowledge that leads to the success of a friend. What a wonderful feeling that is…

Through our Conversation, Observation and Searching for what will win just one man we gain the ability to write to thousands.

Then in an unassuming conversational tone our written words are shared with the thousands. The thousands respond with either praise or disdain to our words.

If in disdain…only the thousands will see them…little is lost

But if in praise … the opportunity for our words to reach millions becomes a present reality…and much can be gained…by all.

That’s a reality every writer longs for.

That reality can be yours if you always remember…

“We cannot go after thousands of men until we learn how to win one.” – Claude Hopkins

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JC Paul has a background as Dancer & Dance Instructor, Lyricist, Teacher, Landscaper, Desktop publisher, Spreadsheet Designer, Registered Representative, Accident & Life Insurance Agent, and Naval Veteran. JC co-owns DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio with his wife Anna Maria. They have been in the dance industry since 1987. They have organized fund raising events and public dance events. JC has 36 plus years of selling products and intangible services. Lastly JC established Danceman Copywriting in 2015.
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