Danceman’s Story

This is a living, breathing, evolving column so visit me occasionally. Read more of my story as it happens…

Danceman has a gift for writing the right words. A gift that expresses clear thoughts. Thoughts that reach people on an emotional level.

The son of an English professor.

Learning to write clearly, concisely and getting thoughts clearly expressed…a singular idea clarified…right to the point…was encouraged and cultivated.

Writing creatively came later.

Danceman recalls the words of his mother Vera…now deceased…”read books, lots of books, develop your vocabulary, master your speaking skills and learn to write well. Be an excellent communicator and you will always do well.”

How little did I know how valuable her advice would be.

She also said I “marched to the beat of a different drummer”

Although Danceman’s roots were established the written word he did hear a different drummer. As a young adult Ballroom & Latin Dance was that drummer.

Danceman learned to dance, to teach, to express his thinking clearly, to speak in front of large groups of people, to do build grow and maintain a business.

Always testing small promotions. Tracking and measuring the results on the few before launching an offer to the many.

  • front end business
  • core business
  • back end business
  • ascension business

Little did I realize that the dance business was preparing me for the business of information marketing and copywriting.

…lead generation, core offers, up-sells, ascensions, limited-time promotions, fundraising, live events…all within dance

It took Danceman years to get back to his first love: writing. One day he saw a letter written by an excellent communicator that began like this: “If You Can Write A Letter Like This….” Danceman took up the challenge and simply said yes…He can write letters like that…and does.

Danceman Copywriting came into being.

Danceman is a Business owner/Ballroom Dancer/Instructor and an up and coming direct response copywriter and an information marketer. He has been teaching dance since 1982. Think Dancing with the Stars.

He writes his own copy for lead generation, core offers, up-sells and ascensions. He successfully runs a 6 figure ballroom dance studio in a very competitive Boston, Massachusetts market.

How quickly are you acquiring and converting your clients/customers?

How well are you achieving your up-sells?

Your ascensions?

Here’s what we are doing successfully right now.

Actual Sample of my business process

Conversion time from lead magnet to acquisition offer 10 minutes or less; from acquisition to core offer 45 minutes or less; from core offer to up-sell time 3 – 6 hours; from up-sell to ascensions 12-36 hours …

Completed deliverable time frames (service fulfillment)

  • Leads to Acquisitions 1 day;
  • Core offers 4 -12 weeks;
  • Up-sells 16- 48 weeks;
  • Ascensions as little as 8 weeks

 Lead magnet ($20) Acquisition ($90) Core ($340 – $672 – $996 ) Up-sells ($1,200 – $1,776 – $3,504) Ascension ($ 10,950 – $12,750)

It’s an immediate consumable service that leads to long term clients. We always have an offer.

Average term of our up-sold client is 5 – 7 years.

Ascended clients stay with us for a decade or more.

Danceman can help you acquire new prospects. Write copy that will bring them into your core offering. Create copy to help retain your current clients. Help you ascend your clients to the top of end of your business model.

Good, clean, compelling copy.

It works for us.

Why not you too?

In my current ongoing studio our main deliverable begins the day our prospects walk in the door and lasts our clients their lifetime. Can you say that about your product or service?

Danceman’s studio business is done face to face with words.

Danceman’s copywriting business takes what we’ve learned from those face to face encounters and then puts them into written form for our future promotions.

Converting the oral words to Direct Response Copy in written form comes easy. Danceman does it all the time. Every promotion.

We create the picture in the mind of our clients. On the spot. A picture they have only dreamed about or have desired for a long time…We create their story keying in on their “X-factor’ as we call it. We  go daily to the “court of last resort” – namely the minds of our clients. Through conversation and observation we get to the truth. The hidden emotional reasons of why they want to do business with us. Then we give them what they want. For a price they are willing to pay.

You probably know many of those words. Those power words that sell. But are you structuring & applying them in your direct mail packages? In your web pages? In your emails? In your other promotions?

That’s where Danceman Copywriting can help…as an AWAI trained direct response copywriter you can be assured we know the right structure for Direct Response copy. We are capable of applying the tried and tested principles of Good, Clean, Compelling Copy to further your business goals.

So what can Danceman do for you?

He can create & write the copy you need and want and desire.

  1. Dance with DanceMan. Create your dance card using the link below. Describe to DanceMan what type of dance you are currently dancing.

Yes I am Ready to Dance with DanceMan



Choose DanceMan Copywriting…

He Knows What You Want and Need and Desire

Stunning Eye Opening Lead Generation Copy that Converts…Winning Dynamite Copy that Converts.

Copy so Inviting… so Thrilling… so Compelling Your Prospective Partner Can’t Wait to get in Step with You…

  • In Your Rhythm
  • At Your Dance
  • On Your Dance Card

Invitations/Lead magnets

Custom Designed for the specific market of prospective dancers who love the  dance card you are offering.

Your new partner says yes… she wants to dance to with you… because you’re handsome and likes the tantalizing way you asked…

Your Acquisition Copy must be strong enough to stir up her true desires

Let Danceman create Sensational Living Breathing Copy that urges/moves your partner to get up out of her chair onto the dance floor with you.

Acquisitions … Leading to Core Service/Product

You’ve established the initial relationship adequately enough to get the first dance. Your new partner is happy she found you and wants to know more… how you can help her dance more…you’ve captured her attention & interest…got her to say yes…

Mission accomplished – But wait there’s more…

Is what you offered on your 1st dance card enough? Enough to keep her keenly interested in saying yes to more…

You have the timing & rhythm that meets her immediate emotional needs and desires in your first dance…she starts to have fun…it’s the beginning of trusting in, believing in, and relying on your leadership. You know what you’re talking about. You know how to dance in a way that is pleasing to her… and she thanks you for asking her to dance. She begins to think “he might be the one.”

Are you the one?

Are you really getting into her mind?

You’ll need additional customized compelling copy to invite your new dance partner to accept a 2nd or 3rd dance.

So when should you ask for the 2nd dance…immediately…at the end of the first dance. Before anyone else has an opportunity.

 Core Service/Product … Leading to Up Sells

Your dance is going well. Your new partner confided in you that she made the right decision when she said yes. However the dance floor is getting crowded with dancers. It’s a popular rhythm. (It’s Salsa) There are some really talented dancers vying for your partner’s attention. They see and know she’s capable and willing to dance…they’re flashing that “new shiny thing” …how can you keep your partner from wanting to even try a dance with someone else? Or going to some other dance venue? You must  prove your venue. Prove your dance style is exactly what she wants, needs and desires. You must be that good…

Up-sell Copy … Leading to Ascension

Yes, she wants more proof. Proof that your dance is the one dance that will make total sense in her life. Proof that can makes her feel the uniqueness about dancing with you… her new partner…dancing a every dance…she wants to confirm the rational satisfaction of having made an emotional decision about dancing with you.

Ascension Copy … Everyone Wants to Feel Special

She’s been dancing with you for a while now…she knows she made the right choice in dancing at your dance …dancing with you…but you notice a longing in her eyes…a deep emotional look that says she is wanting more…she’s thinking “he’s husband material” You’ve nurtured her, romanced her, compelled her to feel this way. It is all part of your plan. The plan to draw her in…in to a lifetime of complete and total loyalty, honesty and devotion to you. You go to your treasure house…you search diligently and find you have exactly the right gift that will inspire her to say “yes, I will dance the rest of my life with you”

Congratulations! You have ascended her to heights she only dreamed about prior to her first dance with you.

Good, clean, compelling copy – created and crafted by Danceman Copywriting can do that for your dance.

Ethos + Pathos + Logos

Focused Copywriting with Ethics + Empathy + Persuasiveness

Serving the Direct Response Business, Income & Lifestyle Marketers

Yes I Want the Good Clean Compelling Copy

Let’s Dance Danceman

P.S. Tell me, how may I be of service to you?