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Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Couldn’t you benefit if you could reduce the time it takes in your ongoing search for a good freelance direct response copywriter?

If you could find one who understands your direct response business what would that mean to you?

Wouldn’t it make your day if you could dominate your specific industry using copy that shows your deliverables as the better and only solution?

A Different Type of Writer – Not for Everybody – 

Danceman Copywriting is not for the following business mindsets.

  • A business just shopping for copywriters at the lowest available fee
  • Businesses in a hurry to get it done who accept mediocre copy
  • The business without a healthy budget designated towards getting results from their copy
  • Any businesses that believe their “business is different” when it comes to direct response marketing
  • Businesses who think only about getting more customers without cultivating relationships

If your business mindset is described in part or in full as above save time by leaving this web page.

But if the answers to the first three questions you just read were yes then you’ll discover something valuable here.

You’ll discover…


He’s the Type of Writer Who Writes to “Somebody” and wants to write for you.

But only after you can tell me…


Direct Response Copy Starts Like This


  • Exactly what it is you want your prospects and customers to do.
  • The specific way you want them to do it
  • When you want them to do it
  • And how often you want them to do it
  • Why you think they should do business with you and nobody else

In addition, if you believe that you can attract the type of prospects you desire most, at a price you can accept, and are willing to invest a more than your competitors to gain more ideal prospects and retain current customers while improving your bottom line then you’re the type of business Danceman Copywriting wants to write for.

Won’t it be exciting when your copy was is magnetically attractive and irresistible that prospects give you their credit cards carte blanch?

If that thought excites you…

Then we’ll work well together

Danceman Copywriting

It is not the knowledge a man has that has significance for today, but rather it is the knowledge he is able to give to others during his lifetime. Knowledge that will exert its own significance when proven by others who by applying and implementing it gain greater wisdom by its use and obtain higher profitability. – JC Paul

Danceman Copywriting

A Freelance Direct Response Writer

Serving  Business, Income & Lifestyle Opportunity Marketers & Professional Services

A member of the “Evolved Enterprise Catalyst Coalition” as seen in USA Today on March 8th 2016

Featured Speaker in the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard University Faculty Club August 2016

It’s Your Business

Don’t you agree that business, income & lifestyle opportunities offered by information marketers have many moving parts?

  • Research for targeted markets
  • OSS’s and USP’s
  • Lead Magnets
  • Headlines – Lead Ins – Promises – Features – Benefits – Guarantees
  • Calls to Action
  • Email Sequences
  • Direct response sales letters, lift notes, fascinations and more…

All those parts need attention and require updating. Frequently.

Won’t it be marvelous when you have sure way keep up with all of them?

Even if you have automated some of these moving parts isn’t it true the writing behind it all still needs to be done?

It’s likely you’ll need someone to keep all of them fresh and up to date.

Consider taking some of the load off your shoulders… put some of the load on mine…it’s easy to start the process…

Ask Danceman to help

Danceman Copywriting

A Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Responsive Copy created with Ethics + Empathy + Persuasiveness

Serving Direct Response Business, Income & Lifestyle Opportunity Marketers & Professional Services

Core Offers – Up-sells  – Ascension – Continuity – New Opportunities

Professional Organizations Membership Drives

Professional Services

For Profit & Non-Profit Fundraising Drives

Email Sequences – Monthly Newsletters – Lift Notes – “Personal Letters”

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