Danceman Copywriting

For Success in Dance or Business

You must have a Relationship with Your Follower

Your Follower Must Have

Credible Belief + Complete Trust + Total Reliance

in you




Enjoy their Dance – Your Dance


A Different Type of Writer – Not for Everybody

I will not write for you if you are just shopping copywriters – I will not write for you if you’re in a hurry to just get it done 

I will not write for you if don’t have a healthy budget designated for my type of work

I will not write for you if you believe your “business is different”

I will not write for you if you cannot tell me exactly what it is you wish your prospects to do

The way you want them to do it – When you want them to do it – And how often you want them to do it

But if you believe that you can attract the type of prospects you desire at a price you can accept

If you understand what business you are really in…and are willing to improve your bottom line

If you are willing to spend more than your competitors to gain the ideal prospect

If you can tell me what the first priority of your business is…and it never changes

then read on…

For you just found a writer possessing a treasure trove of knowledge

And the ability to correctly apply it

More on that below…


It is not the knowledge a man has that has significance for today, but rather it is the knowledge he is able to give to others during his lifetime. Knowledge that will exert its own significance when proven by others who by applying and implementing it gain greater wisdom by its use and obtain higher profitability. – JC Paul

Danceman Copywriting

Your Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Serving the Business, Income & Lifestyle Opportunity Markets

A member of the “Evolved Enterprise Catalyst COjalition” as seen in USA Today on March 8th 2016

It is Your Dance

But let’s face it…

Your dance begins with a relationship.

so you offer a personalized compelling invitation

Your invitation must be clearly understood and fully accepted

Was it?

There are leaders and followers in every dance

Which are you?

The followers must be in step with the leader to enjoy the dance

Are yours?

Yes it’s true…

Your single invitation to your dance can lead to a lifetime relationship

Personalized Compelling Invitations + Total Acceptance = Lifetime Relationships

Lead Generation + Core Offers

Acquisition + Conversion + Ascension

Foot Patterns + Timing/Rhythm

Leads & Follows + Technique + Styling 

Your Offer to Dancing at Your Dance

But wait….there’s much, much more to dancing in your Dance

Wouldn’t you agree…

Of Course…

you do…


Let Danceman Copywriting Create and Show You a Superior Way to Dance

A Freelance Direct Response Copywriter


Business, Income & Lifestyle Opportunity Marketers

Business, Income & Lifestyle Opportunities have many moving parts all needing attention

Targeted Markets – Lead Magnets – OSS – Headlines – Leads – Promises – Features – Benefits

Calls to Action – Deliverables – Guarantees

Do you keep up with all of them?

You’ll need someone to keep all of them fresh

Up to Date

Take a load off your shoulders…

Ask Danceman to help

Let me explain…

Trying to keep track of all those parts is…

like trying to dance all 26 dances at a Dance at once…

(Let’s see at 2.75 minutes per dance that’s 71.5 minutes of dancing)

About the time it takes for an initial review of your offer

One leader can’t dance all 26 at once…

but…just one at a time…

with just a single partner

and that’s the secret

pleasing the one partner who said yes to that one dance

you knew that already…didn’t you?

By the way Danceman already dances all 26 dances (really)

You Already Know How to Dance with Your Business, Income or Lifestyle Opportunity

So let me ask you…

Do your prospects feel the same?

How compelling & inviting is your acquisition copy?

Is it working hard enough to attract new followers?

Does it make them long for and look for another dance with you?

Let me remind you…

  • You need a partner to dance your first dance… is the invitation you offered clearly thought out… accepted by your prospective partner…is it as attractive as you can possibly make it…does it get their attention…does it give a promise you can fulfill for your new partner? A promise that is meaningful to them? One that completely satisfies their need? So important…

This isn’t anything new…or shouldn’t be if you know your first priority in your business…

  • Your followers may be able to learn your rhythm…but will it be to fast music or slow music…each dance is different…

Have you fully explained your tempo to your partners …so they can keep up with you…in every dance 

  • What about dancing additional dances…will your followers enjoy the dances so much that they want to dance again…and again

Did you tell your partners how often you like to dance…and when the next dance is…

  • Have you danced enough with your follower so they implicitly believe in, trust in, and rely on your leading…

Do you have proof of your ability to lead…the testimony of your other partners…

  • Train them right and they will follow you wherever you lead them…no matter the dance…

I promise you will have loyal followers when you take the time to develop them into your perfect partners…

  • Does your dance venue rise to that special “membership only” status with a premium membership fee…only for the best dancers…

Your better dancers want to feel special …feel exclusive … so what are you doing about it…

Need ideas…ask Danceman …It’ll cost you…

…but consider this adapted quote…

We cannot go after thousands of partners until we learn how to win just one – Claude Hopkins

There’s a unique stylish pattern to follow in every opportunity.

Opportunity has it’s own timing and rhythm.

Invite your prospects to Seize your opportunity.

Your specificity develops and maximizes the long term success of your dance opportunities

Ascend your prospects.

Excellent technique makes dancing and business easy.

Each dance has a unique style and personality.

So does each business and income or lifestyle opportunity.

Some one needs to lead the way…

This is where DanceMan Copywriting can help…

That’s what you really want…isn’t it…More followers in your dance…

…You have come to the right place …


Always Working Always Integrating

Conversing Observing Searching

Innovative Masterful Aware

Growing Knowledgeable Insightful Confident


DanceMan Copywriting isn’t for everyone.

Unless you believe


Danceman gets your followers moving in the right direction


Arousal Admiration Desire Envy Excitement Hope Wonder

Jealousy Love Hate Surprise Pleasure and more…


We’ll make you gasp , you’ll wish you thought of it, we can use it for years


We learn from and study the champions, their form, their style, their success


We are the living essence of Uniquely Styled Performers

So what does all this mean?

For You

 DanceMan’s innovative masterful awareness of words is of tremendous value to you and you should say

“Let’s Dance Danceman”

For My First Dance

Help me create my invitations for my beginners big dance

I really need more partners who want to dance and I know…

I have a great venue…

For My Second Dance

Help me get more intermediate level partners dancing

in my other venues

And vitally important for my Lifetime Dance

 Help me get my advanced dancers into my

Exclusive Membership Venue

Danceman I’ve Put On My Dance Shoes Start Filling My Dance Card

Danceman Copywriting is your solution

Better dances – better results – more followers – higher end venues

Dance with Danceman

DanceMan Looks. DanceMan Listens. DanceMan Analyzes. DanceMan Proposes.

DanceMan Copywriting

Always Working Always Integrating


Conversation, Observation and Searching

for the truth

with a

Professional Winning Attitude

Growing in Knowledge with Insightful Curiosity

Identifying the Myriads of Associations

Evolving into Excellence

A Writer Who Wins at Creating Bold compelling

Differentiated Messages and Leverages Prosperity to the Top 1%


Direct Response Marketing

Danceman is a Freelance Copywriter

DanceMan Copywriting understands certain concepts are required to execute most any Big Dance.

DanceMan Copywriting knows how to ask a partner to dance.

DanceMan Copywriting learns or develops unique styling patterns in a snap.

DanceMan Copywriting can lead or follow based on the music and opportunity in Your Big Dance

DanceMan Copywriting understands timing and rhythm plays a role in your Opportunity.

DanceMan Copywriting knows the required technique to enjoy a dance.

DanceMan Copywriting offers unique styling patterns to match

Your Business, Income, or Lifestyle Opportunity Personality.

Get Yourself Ready to Dance!

DanceMan Copywriting is a writer with a Professional Winning Attitude

Have DanceMan create your unique styling pattern. Let him set your rhythm and timing.

He will integrate your current technique and style into a creation of wonder, beauty and profitability

He will show you how to dance to the bank with every opportunity you offer.

DanceMan Looks. DanceMan Listens. DanceMan Analyzes. DanceMan Proposes.

DanceMan is Always Working Always Integrating

Acquiring New and Tested Leading Skills


Conversation – Observation – Searching

for what’s working

Innovative – Masterful – Aware

Growing – Knowledgeable – Insightful – Confident

DanceMan Loves to Dance

Dance with DanceMan

Yes DanceMan I Want to Dance

Submit Your Request – Briefly tell DanceMan What Dance You Want to Improve

DanceMan Copywriting

Direct Response Copy

Focused Copy with Ethics + Empathy + Persuasiveness

Serving The Direct Response Business, Income & Lifestyle Opportunity Marketers

Acquisition Offers + Upsell Offers + Continuity + Ascension + New Opportunities

Professional Organizations Membership Drives

Email – Newsletters – Lift Notes – “Personal Letters”

Long Term Relationships = Dancing for A Lifetime

DanceMan Copywriting is The Right Partnership for You and Your Dance Opportunity!

DanceMan can get your Partners to Dance to Your Music…Guaranteed

P.S. DanceMan has literally danced with 1,000’s of followers in his type of dance.

P.S.S. DanceMan can dance with you too…Meet you on your dance floor…we can both be dressed in “green”

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