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Discover How to Write Better and Improve Your Writing Career and Business

Isn’t it true that you want and need to discover how you can improve your writing, your writing career and your business?

Since it is, it’s time for you to discover how these newsletters can help.

Here’s what to do…

First subscribe to one or more of these 8 dynamic copywriter and writer’s newsletters. Why?

Because if you don’t you’re missing out on things you need to improve your writing career and business. But don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself.

Let’s take a look. You’ll miss things like discovering how to create a Linked In profile that gets noticed. Or what stepping stones you need to move up to higher paying projects. And the four essential things to do for the business side of your writing.

In addition, you’ll  leave essential tools you need for your success off the table. Tools that help you create a career and business of the highest caliber. Have you heard about peer reviews? You’ll find out about them in one of the newsletters below. Once you know what they are you’ll see why you can’t afford to leave peer reviews off your table. Even more why would you if they can help you so much?  If you’re serious about your writing you shouldn’t.

Access Proven Resources

Furthermore, you’ll access proven resources. Resources to make your writing projects go easier and faster. The writers of these proven resources have already been where you are and still want to go. Take advantage of their knowledge. Many share the stories of their journey to success.

Now get this because it’s vital to your success: you’ll stay on top of current trends. You’ll even get a heads up on where those trends are going. And that’s a good thing to know isn’t it? Let me ask you, have you heard about the current state of copywriting? It’s in a major shift and quite different from 10 years ago. Up until now the focus was on writing that highly profitable control sales letter. But things are changing. Are you ready for the change? It’s happening now.

Listen, there’s more. Lots more. But for now check out the links below. See what you can discover to improve your writing and business by subscribing to one or more of these 8 dynamic writer’s newsletters.

For example, you’ll discover

  • Where the best and most profitable writing niches are
  • Practical easy to implement advice given by established working copywriters and copy chiefs.
  • Clearly written information that will make your writing easier & faster
  • Writing opportunities you might not know about.
  • What writing for the web can do for your career
  • Get in on the highly profitable B2B market
  • How easy it is to create quality content
  • When and how to structure your day for maximum productivity
  • How to create more profitable conversations with your prospects and your existing clients.

Finally, when you subscribe to one or more of them you can connect with people who can accelerate your career. You might even find a mentor.

Be bold. Ask for help.

Why wait any longer to improve your writing and business?

Choose a link. Discover what you’re missing…

The Writers Life

The Golden Thread

The Barefoot Writer

Wealthy Web Writer

B2B Success

The CEO’s Edge

Early To Rise

Conversational Copywriting

p.s. These writer’s newsletters are the best in the writing business

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JC Paul has a background as Dancer & Dance Instructor, Lyricist, Teacher, Landscaper, Desktop publisher, Spreadsheet Designer, Registered Representative, Accident & Life Insurance Agent, and Naval Veteran. JC co-owns DanceSport Boston Ballroom Dance Studio with his wife Anna Maria. They have been in the dance industry since 1987. They have organized fund raising events and public dance events. JC has 36 plus years of selling products and intangible services. Lastly JC established Danceman Copywriting in 2015.
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